Portrait of a family-owned business:

In Munich, Rudolf Karl founds the trade company Rudolf Karl, a family-owned business of paper goods to supply the bakery and confectionary industry in the region. The business, which is started based on the modest financial means of his wife Hertha Karl, will successfully expand its range of paper products in the following years.

Paper products are stored in a garage in Munich Schwabing and delivered to the customers in Upper Bavaria in a Volkswagen minivan.

In the meantime, Susanne Karl grows up as the first member of the second generation.

The family-owned company operates as a limited partnership. When the paper supply is increasingly coordinated and carried out by the major bakery and confectionary guild companies, the sales of packaging products increase and thereby replace the mere trade of paper goods. In the course of this process, business activities are extended and the headquarters is relocated to Laimerstaße 36 in Munich. From here, the entire demand of major customers can be met.

In 1969, the successor Robert Anton Karl is born.

The company’s legal status is changed to Papier Karl GmbH Co. Vertriebs KG. With Susanne Karl joining the sales team in the administrative area in Munich/Laimerstrasse, the second generation joins the company.

Ms Hertha Karl takes over the management.
Rudolf Karl remains active partner in the company.

The entry of the future company successor Robert Karl makes the family-owned business complete.

As a reaction to the increasing predatory competition, the company Papier Karl GmbH Co. KG increasingly specialises in cardboard trade with focus on corrugated cardboard packaging. Over time, the market requirements change. This triggers the innovative conception of placing the company in the gap between mere trade and the large manufacturers. Here, the goal is to combine service competence from more than 30 years trading activity with the company’s own production of folded corrugated cardboard boxes.

The current company owner Robert Karl sets up the company’s own production in Finsing near Munich at the Zerndl yard. As the business activity has increasingly gravitated towards the production facility, the change of generation is carried out slowly but surely.

As a 15-year-old pupil, Werner Autengruber joins our company as ancillary worker.

Based on the complete transfer of business to Mr Robert Karl, the successfully started production activities and the extension of several external warehouses to fulfil the make-and-take-orders, the company undergoes a rapid ascent.

As a consequence, the fleet of vehicles is modernised with fully automated inline technology, thus increasing production activities considerably.

As a consequence, the fleet of vehicles is modernised with fully automated inline technology, thus increasing production activities considerably.

Since 2003/2004, Lola Karl has been on board.

The production site Eichenried is bursting at the seams. The search for a new location within the district commences. In the meantime, nice weather that allows for outside storage is worth a mint.

The next generation is on its way. In April 2005, the successor Thomas Rudolf Karl is born.

The family-owned company faces a new life chapter and purchases its own industrial site in Hörlkofen/Erding. With the former brick factory located between the Munich trade fair and the airport, spanning a total surface of 6 hectares, almost half of it as commercial ground, the processing company acquires the areal precondition for continuing on the expansive course of the company Papier Karl.

In the course of this development, Werner Autengruber is named operations manager.

Prior to the move in spring, the construction of the new production hall and the reconstruction at the existing areas are completed. By combining all warehouse and logistics areas and by connecting them directly to the production site, the location now has the perfect prerequisites for an extendable processing facility that completely fulfills the increasing standards of our essential users.

Further investments in the fleet of vehicles and the warehouse logistics are carried out so that our production technology reflects the service principle even more.

Blasting of the 36 metre-high chimney and demolition of the old brick factory halls.
Purchasing of the neighbouring plot. The new premises span about 8 hectares in total.

Female offspring: Our granddaughter Angelina Maria Karl is born in spring 2009.

Construction of production hall 2 with connection to production hall 1

and renovation and extension of the southern warehouse.

Purchasing of the new folded box installation for oversize formats.

Acquisition of further processing installations for punched cuts in high quantities and for oversize sheets of threefold corrugated cardboard. Extension of the pallet logistics and automation of the conveyor mechanisms. Start of production with the autoplatine.
Start of the construction works for the new administrative building. The old office is becoming too small…

Construction of the new warehouse and logistics hall with new office building. Erection of the high-rack pallet warehouses.
Set-up of wire-coil manufacturing for the electronics sector.


Leila Suzana Karl, the second daughter, is born in June 2011.

5,000 new pallet spaces are created. The fleet of vehicles is extended.

Construction of the warehouse and logistics hall 3 on the south-eastern premises with office area.

Investment in a new high-speed inline processing installation.

Extension of the tempering water ore pond in the forest area at the site, which now spans 3 hectares.

Ulrich Hahn, who had completed the commerical apprenticeship at Papier Karl years before, is appointed Office Manager of the company in 2013.

Set-up of our subsidiary Pack-Haus Verpackungsmittel GmbH.

Commissioning of the logistics hall with new shipping area and ramp access.

The interregional sales team is consecutively built up…

Papier Karl turns 50. On 1st September, we will have a great anniversary celebration with all of our partners and friends: A Taekwondo presentation, Isabel Edvardsson and Marcus Weiß showing their free skate from the European Championships and finally a laser show will form the specular framework programme.
And each year our family-owned business grows, thanks to your support!

Thank you for your loyalty and support !