The packaging plant


Rudolf Karl


Hertha Karl

In the beginning there was pure passion.
In the beginning there was pure passion.
Passion turned into resolution and into a clear-cut entrepreneurial idea. It all began in 1964. Rudolf and Hertha Karl established Rudolf Karl KG in Munich, a family-run business initially specialized in the sale & distribution of paper goods for the bakery and butchery industry during the first years of its existence.


As the company continued to grow and develop, Rudolf Karl KG’s sales program began to focus increasingly on transportation & shipping packaging solutions made primarily of corrugated cardboard.
Following the change of its corporate name in 1982, the company evolved into Papier Karl GmbH & Co. Vertriebs KG as we know it today. The passion has remained the same, and continues to grow.
After more than 30 years of purely commercial activities, the company’s second generation, Papier Karl production plant in Erding county, was started by the original founders’ son and successor Robert Karl.
Today, this long-established company is operating from its business location in Wörth, between Munich New Exhibition Center and Munich Airport, as one of the region’s last independent manufacturers of packaging solutions.
On nearly 20 acres of business premises located in close proximity to the Munich-Passau and the Nuremberg-Salzburg expressway interchanges, Papier Karl is operating a state-of-the-art, fully equipped packaging plant with extensive potential for further expansion.
As a specialist service provider, we handle all complex call-off and just-in-time delivery orders from this location.
Our distinctive hallmark as professionals is our personalized customer consulting in packaging solutions, in combination with our absolutely reliable security of supply for our valued clients.


The Philosophy
Our commitment to our business and to preserving the values of our family-run establishment are the heart and soul of our company.
As a typical medium-sized family-owned business with a long tradition, we are first and foremost a social economic structure. In the spirit of mutual trust we are continuously building on our philosophy as independent supplier of packaging solutions with close customer proximity. Anybody interested in finding out more about Papier Karl and its successful history will find that the company’s original driving force was Rudolf and Hertha Karl’s love for each other and their entrepreneurial spirit which led them to establish a business enterprise. Preserving what and who we are has remained our driving force to this day.


As an independent, autonomous family-owned business we have to be self-reliant in all aspects. That is what makes is strong and efficient. As an owner-managed business, our decision-making paths are swift and uncomplicated.
That is what makes us fast and flexible.
Ever-increasing customer expectations, in combination with competitive pressures, have shaped Papier Karl into what it is today. An economic and integrated supplier of packaging solutions for all needs and requirements. Our biggest competitive edge is our united team performance.

The Team
Our passion is infectious and the defining force of our company’s spirit. This passion is shared by our entire team. From the cleaners all the way to management.
Papier Karl faces the business world as a cohesive and united team.
Without a doubt there are companies bigger than Papier Karl. But we don’t know of a single one with a higher staff performance density. It is our excellent working atmosphere which is one of our biggest motivators and which underlines our authenticity as a family-run business. Our staff’s identification with their company is the foundation of our success. And the most important thing: we have a great time working with our customers and our partners! Success breeds friends.
Friends who have become partners to Papier Karl. Highly efficient and reliable subcontractors and raw-materials suppliers are the secret behind Papier Karl’s sustainable high-quality supply capacity.


The Products
The Core Product



Our core product is packaging solutions made of cardboard, primarily corrugated cardboard.
In addition to transportation & shipping packaging solutions Papier Karl offers the whole range of market-typical packaging products. As a systems supplier we carry stocks of all standard packaging products to meet any demand structure on the market.


In addition to the product and shipping packaging solutions made of corrugated cardboard we also produce die-cut foam inserts
and PE cartonplast sheets.


Our sales team plans and designs packing-table solutions complete with the matching intralogistics.
This is the secret behind high-performance packaging – from single packing stations all the way to large and complex packaging lines.


Our particular strong point: custom-designed filler dispensers to optimize every packaging process.


To address high-volume shipping needs, we also design fully automated cardboard box erectors.


and tray winding systems for optimized fixation of heterogeneous products.


Even furniture made of corrugated cardboard
is included in our sales portfolio…

All told, this makes us a flexible and highly effective packaging services provider capable of satisfying any requirements you may have. Why not take advantage of our professional competence gained from more than 50 of experience?
Why not take advantage of our comprehensive product range to address all of your shipping needs?



The Future
Our business premises in Wörth is a large compound offering extensive potential for further expansion. We combine tradition with state-of-the-art requirements. After more than half a century in the business, our company has recently established its position as one of the largest suppliers in the region. The average age of our employees, which ranges in the late thirties, underlines the fact that we are a young and well-balanced staff. We will continue to face up to the pressures typical of our highly competitive industry and to transform these pressures into pure energy – and take on the ever-growing challenges with commitment and enthusiasm.
It therefore comes as no surprise that Papier Karl believes in continually investing in the company to create ideal conditions for further business growth and new jobs.
As a company situated in an advantageous geographic location, on its own land and property, under independent and autonomous management, with high professional competence in all matters of packaging, and as a healthy medium-sized enterprise committed to the principles of sustainability, we are looking forward to the future with boundless passion and excitement and cannot wait to tackle the tasks and challenges the future will bring. And most importantly, we want to do all of this together with you! As your customer, our partner, and our friend.


The Sphere of Activity
Based in Bavaria, yet at home in Europe. Packaging involves a great deal of transporting. That is why our principal catchment area is within Bavaria. Yet our specialists provide counseling services all over Germany. And we make extensive deliveries to the logistics centers all over Eastern Europe. Our multi-lingual sales team is dedicated to serving our customers all over Europe.


Is Our Particular Strong Point. With our R&D department with in-house prototype construction, our extensively
stocked warehouse of sample sheets, and our digital development software for intelligent packaging designs we are the partner of choice for packaging solutions tailored to meet the customers’ specifications.
Naturally, our development portfolio also includes composite packagings made of various different materials such as cardboard, foam cushions, or wood.
We address your R&D tasks with the know-how and creativity gained in more than 50 years of experience in the packaging sector while remaining faithful to our proverbially fast response times.
The end result is a packaging solution created to precisely meet your expectations, for optimized product protection and simplified packaging processes.


The Logistics Services
The self-image of Papier Karl is that of a service provider. Our core competence: we ensure security of supply thanks to our extensive warehouse stocks. That is why Papier Karl is continually establishing new logistics areas at our premises to meet our customers’s packaging needs.
Rapid delivery of call-off orders, kanban deliveries and just-in-time services round off our high delivery capacity. Our central warehouse located in close proximity to the Munich-Passau and
the Nuremberg-Salzburg expressway interchange allows us to satisfy even the most complex service requirements.
State-of-the-art logistics facilities and high-bay pallet warehouses at our business premises in Wörth ensure optimized conditions for smooth delivery management in line with our customers’ needs.


Our fully equipped production facility allows us to reproduce every single customer request.
Development, production and logistics, all integrated at the production site, are the components of a closed process chain.
State-of-the-art, fully automated high-performance equipment is used to produce high-quality packaging products under economically favorable conditions.
But what makes the real difference is our experienced team and its steadfast belief in optimized production results. Papier Karl believes in making continual investments both in professional development and in new equipment technologies in order to meet the industry ever-growing expectations.
In addition to corrugated cardboard products, Papier Karl also processes PE foams as well as numerous niche products and reliably performs manual tasks and the assembly, kitting and configuration of your packagings.
Our production range encompasses both multi-colored sales and products packagings as well as design-engineered special packagings.
Our quality assurance system ensures the highest-possible and consistently uniform quality standards.


Consulting / Service
An integrated approach to packaging
Packing workstations – Fillers – Integrations – Packaging consumables – Intralogistics
Papier Karl as packaging plant, in collaboration with its subsidiary company Pack-Haus (www.pack-haus.com), has recently commenced offering nation-wide services as consultant for packaging solutions with the aim of supporting logistics centers in the optimization of their packaging stations and intralogistics.
Our specialized team of consultants for Germany and Eastern Europe works in collaboration with the customers to plan and design of customized packaging logistics solutions including made-to-measure filler integrations.
The result: highly efficient, partially automated packaging lines containing handling equipment designed to optimize materials and packaging flows.
Papier Karl, with its integrated approach to packaging, develops intelligent packaging solutions at the workstations designed for simplified and ergonomic handling. Ideal packaging to us is a well-coordinated unit of packaging and packaging equipment for perfect customized packaging processes. This is how we help achieve sustainable value chain for our customers.
This is what has made Papier Karl one of the leading regional suppliers of filler-packing table integrations, and the company is currently in the process of expanding this business area in Germany and Eastern Europe for the future. Our image as provider of integrated packaging solutions is highlighted by the fact of our own service and technical staff.


Motor Pool
As provider of logistics services, we operate our own fleet of vehicles.
This allows us to make rapid and independent deliveries at any time. Including deliveries outside of the regular business or delivery hours, where necessary.
Transregional deliveries, notably deliveries to Eastern Europe, are realized with contractual shipping partners.


Ecological Awareness
Ecological awareness is more than just a marketing instrument us. Ecological awareness is what we are living and what defines our actions. Popular fascination with our basic material, corrugated cardboard, is due both to the material’s flexibility and its ecology.
Additionally we make sure that our packaging materials are recyclable and have short procurement channels.
Papier Karl is maintaining more than 7 acres of forest and green areas on the company’s own property.


Health and Safety in the Workplace
Maximum health and safety in the workplace ensures a good working atmosphere. Because we are watching out for each other. Our buildings and facilities, all of them in mint condition, have been designed to address all mandatory safety procedures and precautions. State-of-the-art installations, in combination with a high level of care and diligence, ensure that working
for Papier Karl is safe and non-hazardous to employee health.


Our Portfolio of Services:

As a packaging plant

– Development of design-engineered packagings
– Prototype building and small-series production
– Manufacture of transportation and shipping packagings made of corrugated cardboard and solid fiber board
– Manufacture of product and sales packagings
– Manufacture of protective foam packagings
– Manufacture of combination packagings and hand-made or ready-made packaging products
– Sale & distribution of packaging products

As a service provider
– Just-in-time deliveries
– Kanban deliveries
– Short-term deliveries of call-off orders from our warehouse stocks
– 100% security of supply thanks to logistics concepts
– Supply of packaging products
As a systems supplier
– Supply of packaging products
– Design and installation filler integrations
– Design and set-up of customized packing stations
– Technical services and packaging instruction courses for filler and cushion protection systems
– Design and set-up of intralogistics for optimized materials flow
– Design and sale of automated packaging plants (cardboard box erection & winding tray machines)
– Sale of strapping and sealing machines